Who we are

Who we are

Ozzano Selection is a leader in the sale of Italian wines abroad. It all stems from an entrepreneurial idea by Matteo Ozzano. The experience accumulated in over 10 years with the previous company Wine Selection & Trading led the young entrepreneur to change the name of his company, choosing a way that could communicate a more personal relationship between company, customer and territory. Ozzano Selection, in fact, leads back to a brand that identifies with a person capable of offering an important and quality Italian wine selection abroad.

Wine Selection

The mission of Ozzano Selection is to export Made in Italy in bottles, offering some of the most renowned wines in the entire nation. These affect all the regions of Italy and represent the perfect synthesis of a territory that offers uniqueness and particularities recognized all over the world by professionals in the sector and end consumers.

An established partnership with over twenty historic family-run Italian wineries, finely researched and selected for their excellent quality and territoriality, allows Ozzano Selection to offer a complete, reliable and high-quality variety of wines on the market. With these premises, the sale of Italian wines abroad becomes for us a business that still bets on human relationships and direct contact with the producer and the consumer.

Thanks to commercial agreements with importers and distributors operating in over 30 countries around the world, and in continuous growth, we are able to welcome market requests, screen them, implement them and fulfill them in a sudden and dynamic way. Ozzano Selection stands out precisely for these characteristics, as well as for a punctual and precise service.

The solidity of the company, established over time, has led us to be a true reference in the HoReCa sector in a B2B perspective in Europe and in the world.


Ozzano Selection aims to export and promote Made in Italy through the best Italian wines, produced with sustainable and ethical methods, respecting nature and the environment. The constant direct relationship with partner farms also allows us to exercise control over wine production and storage systems. Our selection allows the buyer to use quality products with an equal level of service.