Cantina Belisario


It is truly an honor and a pleasure for Ozzano Selection to be able to announce a new important collaboration with Cantine Belisario. From the heart of Italy an extraordinary winery that has been able to become a point of reference in the international wine scene in 50 years.
Cantine Belisario, founded in 1971 today is a farm of 300 hectares of vineyards and a cellar with a capacity of 30,000Hl. It is the largest producer of a typical white wine from Marche: Verdicchio di Matelica DOC. All the vineyards are close to the winery at a maximum distance of 10 minutes, all are housed in the Alta Vallesina.
The hills of the Marche offer a climate that ranges from continental in temperature ranges to Mediterranean in sunny areas. This climatic diversity means that there is heterogeneity in the aromas of nature.
This microclimate determines a great accumulation of aromas, the full conservation of the acidic heritage, a physiologically limited production and a full, complete, sometimes extreme ripening.
these characteristics are unique to the territory and unrepeatable and this determines an unprecedented production exclusivity.

The wines are those typical of the Marche region: Verdicchio is undoubtedly the master, but also Pecorino is among the most popular among white wines and Colli Maceratesi among red wines.
But it is Cambrugiano, Verdicchio di Matelica DOCG that in 2021 was awarded a score of 97 by Decanter.

It is the wine with which Belisario has experienced the greatest emotions.
It was the first Verdicchio in the “Riserva” category. Produced since 1988, and obtained only from Verdicchio grapes vinified by low-temperature maceration.
It is left to mature in steel and in toasted oak barrels for at least a year, and it ages for one more year in bottle. The complexity of the production reflects on the complexity of its organoleptic properties: the hills of the Marche region, the Mediterranean sun, floral aromas, vanilla, great texture, zesty, luscious and balanced. An ideal complement for elaborate seafood dishes, white meats,
semi-aged cheeses, strong main courses served at temperatures of around 15°C.
Also available as Magnum and Jeroboam.

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